Why Preventative Maintenance is So Important

Take preventati.ve measures with annual heating and cool maintenance with Forquer

A very important question that many homeowners ask is, "is it necessary to have my furnace and air conditioning unit looked at even though everything is running fine and they have been for years?" The answer is one-hundred percent yes!

Preventative maintenance is essential to keep your furnace and air conditioner running as efficiently as possible and as long as possible. Think about your car; would you take a cross-country road trip without checking the oil first? No, even if your car is running great, you still take that preventative measure to ensure your car makes the trip there and back. The same concept applies to your furnace and AC. 

Often times, people wait until their heating or cooling breaks down before they call in a specialist to look at it. More often than not, this procrastination costs them a lot of money when the whole situation could have been avoided with simple check-ups or filter replacements every now and then. 

False Sense of Security

There is a false sense of security when someone sees that their furnace is heating the house well on a 30-degree day. But, the next day it's below zero, and their heater gives out because no one has changed the filter in years. 

The same goes for your air conditioning unit. It might work just fine on an 80-degree day, but it won't keep up during those scorching 90-degree+ days. Even if your AC unit is cooling fine during those hot days, underneath the hood, the compressor could be overheating causing the unit to work twice as hard and use two times the electricity. Just because the thermostat says you're achieving the results you want does not mean you're not drastically shortening the life of your unit.

Below is a before and after of a dirty condenser coil in an AC unit...

An AC unit before and after cleaning Forquer Heating & Air Conditioning | North Canton, Ohio

In short, your furnace or AC unit will never break at a convenient time, and that is why it is so important to schedule preventative maintenance. We recommend you get a yearly checkup for both your furnace and your air conditioning unit. AC in the spring and furnace in the fall. 

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Protecting your appliances and keeping your electricity bill low is quick and easy with preventative heating and cooling maintenance. To keep your equipment running efficiently and as long as possible, and to save yourself the expensive replacement costs and higher bills, contact us at Forquer Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule your preventative maintenance today!

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