Air Conditioning Install in a Ductless Home- Is it Possible?

Though we are still dealing with winter in Northeast Ohio, it's never too early to start thinking about summer! Now is the perfect time to plan for an AC install so that when those hot days are here, you are ready!

Can I Have AC Installed in My Home if I Don't Have Forced Air?

In short, the answer is yes! And as always, the solution will depend on your preference and home layout, but there are multiple ways to add air conditioning to your home, even if you do not have an HVAC duct system. 

Air conditioning is a great luxury for the Akron and Cleveland, Ohio area during those hot summer months. However, many of our homes were built over 100 years ago, before AC was even invented- which was in 1902!

The quick solution for these ductless homes is the window AC unit, but those can be a hassle to install and remove every season. Not to mention the amount of energy loss through the cracks in the windows. 

Ductless AC 

There are better, more permanent options such as the ductless air conditioner. The unit is installed on the wall and can cool your entire home depending on the size and how many units you want. They are remote controlled and offer an energy-efficient way to cool your home. 

Learn More About Ductless AC

There is no one-solutions-fits-all when it comes to heating and cooling your home or business, so contact us at Forquer today to learn which solution is right for you!

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