Should I Repair or Replace My Furnace?

By Forquer Heating
April 02, 2020 Category: Furnace Repair

Though the cold months are almost past us, it is still a good time to think about the quality of your furnace. Most furnaces these days last about 20 years max, depending on how well you take care of it with preventative maintenance.

An HVAC Contractor You Can Trust in Akron, Ohio

By Forquer Heating
March 25, 2020 Category: Our Company

Trust is everything when it comes to working with a heating and air conditioning contractor. Not many people understand the ins and outs of HVAC, and that is why it is so essential to have someone you trust working in your home, on your equipment, year after year.

Air Conditioning Repair and Replacements in Akron, Ohio

By Forquer
March 20, 2020 Category: Air Conditioning

There are always changes to the tools, equipment, and technology used in the HAVC industry. Whether they are geared towards efficiently, convince, or limited environmental impact, Forquer is always up to date on all of the changes in our industry so we can provide the best air conditioning services and equipment to our customers.

New High-Efficiency Furnaces

By Forquer Heating
March 11, 2020 Category: Furance

As of January 2020, all new residential furnaces will come with a new type of motor that focuses on energy efficiency.

Proper HVAC Installation and Sizing in Akron, Ohio

By Forquer Heating
March 04, 2020 Category: HVAC

Properly sized HVAC equipment is essential to the comfort in your home and efficiency of utility bills!

Best HVAC Systems 2020 | Akron, Ohio

By Forquer Heating
February 26, 2020 Category: Our Company

The key to getting the best heating and cooling system for your home or business is finding the right HVAC contractor.

Water Heater Repair Services in Akron, Ohio

By Forquer Heating
February 18, 2020 Category: Water Heaters, Heating

Forquer Heating and Air Conditioning is a full-service HVAC provider in the Akron/ Canton area. When it comes to heating and cooling your home or business, we are there for you.

Home Heating System Repair in Akron, Ohio

By Forquer Heating
February 13, 2020 Category: Preventative Maintenance, Heating

At Forquer Heating, we are well versed in the art of heating system repair. Many people think that when their heat is on the fritz that it is due to the furnace, and sometimes that is the case. However, your home has an entire heating system with many integral parts that keep it running properly.

Commercial Heating Repair in Akron, Ohio

By Forquer Heating
February 07, 2020 Category: Heating, Preventative Maintenance, Commercial

Forquer Heating and Air Conditioning is a premier HVAC repair servicer in Akron, Cleveland, and surrounding areas. As we get further into winter, many commercial companies have had issues with their heating systems.

Heat Pumps-Efficient Electric Heat Systems

By Forquer Heating
January 30, 2020 Category: Heat Pumps, Thermostats

A heat pump system is the most efficient electric heating option. If you have electric heat, contact us to learn more about lowering your energy bill!

Tank vs. Tankless Water Heaters

By Forquer Heating
January 21, 2020 Category: Water Heaters

When it comes to heating the water in your home, there are many options to consider. One of the more recent technological advancements in this industry has been the tankless water heater.

Thinking About Heating Your Garage this Winter?

By Forquer Heating
January 16, 2020 Category: Garage Heating

If you are interested in heating your garage this winter, contact us today at Forquer Heating and Air Conditioning, and we can help you find the best option for your garage!

Why Choose Forquer for Your Furnace Repair Needs?

By Forquer Heating
January 07, 2020 Category: Furnace Repair

This winter, if you notice your home is not heating as well as you would like or expect, or if there is an issue with your furnace, Forquer is there for you.

The Cost to Replace a Furnace and AC with Forquer Heating and Air Conditioning

By Forquer Heating
January 02, 2020 Category: Cost Of Replacement

There are a lot of options when it comes to replacing your furnace and your air conditioning and it all comes down to cost.

Quick Furnace Replacement in Akron, Ohio

By Forquer
December 26, 2019 Category: Furnace

Our winters in Northeast Ohio are some of the worst, and if you are without heat during some of those winter months, it won't be fun. Your first step is always to call us at Forquer!

Quality Furnace Repair Services in Canton, Ohio

By Forquer Heating
December 18, 2019 Category: Furnace

If your furnace breaks down and you want it back up and running as quickly as possible, contact us at Forquer Heating and Air Conditioning today!

Furnace Replacement and Repair Services in Akron, Ohio

By Forquer Heating
December 12, 2019 Category: Furnace

If you find yourself without heat and you need help, contact us at Forquer Heating and Air Conditioning. We can repair or replace your furnace for you and help you get to know more about the HVAC appliances in your home or commercial property.

Best Furnace Services in Akron, Ohio

By Forquer
December 04, 2019 Category: Our Company

Every service-based company has a service side and a business side. The service side is all about providing the fulfillment of those services. The business side is making sure that everybody involved has the support they need, including the customers and the employees.

Forquer has the Best HVAC Technicians

By Forquer
November 26, 2019 Category: Hiring Process

At Forquer Heating and Air Conditioning, we are all about giving our customers the best service. In order to do so, we have to have the best people, which is why we have a very specific hiring process.

HVAC Replacement and Repair Services

By Forquer
November 20, 2019 Category: Company Culture

We place high importance on our company culture so that we are hiring the right technicians and customer service personnel to fit our family and yours.

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