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My AC/ Heat is Running Non-Stop. Is that Normal?

My AC/ Heat is Running Non Stop. Is that Normal

Posted By Forquer Heating
August 17, 2021 Category: General

Design Conditions in HVAC In the HVAC Industry, there are a lot of terms many people out of the industry are not familiar with, one of them is "Design Conditions." This is something that we often explain to customers when they are concerned with their air condition or heat running consistently.  What are Design Conditions? Design conditions take weather and location into account when building and sizing HVAC equipment. Design conditions in Ohio vary from design conditions in other states with different climates.  If you want the most comfort and the most efficiency out of your equipment, we are going to size it for the design conditions here in Ohio. These design conditions can cause your air to run continuously during the summer when it is very hot to keep your home at a cool and comfortable temperature. The same is true for your furnace in the winter.  Learn More About Your HVAC System If you ever have a question about your heating and or air conditioning, contact us! Likewise, we have a ton of helpful educational videos like this in our video library that address common concerns and questions.  You can also call us today to schedule your HVAC maintenance, repairs, or

How a Heat Pump Keeps Your Home Comfortable Through The Seasons

Posted By Admin
February 28, 2017 Category: General

What is a heat pump and how does it benefit me all year? This article explains how your heat pump helps you in summer and winter, and what the maintenance is like for your heat

Five Great Ways to Make Your Furnace More Efficient

Five Great Ways to Make Your Furnace More Efficient

Posted By Admin
October 17, 2016 Category: General

Fall is here and before you know it, winter will be upon us. That means it will soon be time to run your furnace. Anyone who has had to rely on a furnace for heating a home can attest to how expensive it can be. One way to cut down on these costs is to have a furnace that runs efficiently. Although that can seem like a daunting task, it is not. All you need to do is follow these simple guidelines. Replace the filter The furnace filter has an important job. It removes the airborne particles that can make your furnace work poorly. When these particles build up over time it allows dust, dirt and other contaminants to restrict airflow and makes your furnace work harder than necessary. Get an annual tune-up Your furnace needs an annual tune up to keep it working at its optimal level. Having a trained professional look at your furnace every year will extend the life of your heating system and prevent the need for expensive repairs. Seal your air ducts When air ducts are not properly sealed, it allows warm air to escape, making the indoor temperature of your home colder than it needs to be. When they are properly sealed, less warm air escapes and the air temperature can remain at a more comfortable level without having to turn the furnace up. While you have someone in your home to seal your air ducts, have them check to make sure the attic and windows are also properly insulated to prevent warm air loss as well. Use a zoned heating system Using a zoned heating system

How to Prepare your HVAC System for the Fall

How to Prepare your HVAC System for the Fall

Posted By Admin
September 21, 2016 Category: General

The overwhelming heat of summer in Akron/Canton is over! It’s time to pack away your shorts, sandals, and your blow-up pools. At long last it is time for the leaves to turn color, jack-o-lanterns, over-sized sweaters, and all the other great things that come with cooler weather. This also means it is time to use your heating system, rather than the AC! But, before you switch your HVAC system over to the heat setting and prepare for the brutal winter the Ohio area brings us, here are a few things you need to do. Perform Routine Maintenance There are several benefits to having your system regularly maintained. Regularly having your system cleaned will help to improve the air quality in your home. It will also help to extend the life of your HVAC system, and it will increase the energy efficiency of the system as well. So, schedule a Forquer professional to come and check out your system, to ensure every thing is running smoothly.    Check, Clean, or Replace Filters This is an easy task that you can accomplish on your own without a professional. It will go a long way toward helping your system to run efficiently. A clean filter will help to heat or cool your home much more efficiently than a dirty filter. You will also need to be certain that you take care of the filter system throughout the fall, winter, and early spring months. Once you fully replace a filter, which ideally should be done when a season changes, it will improve your HVAC’s sy

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