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The Importance of Preventative Maintenance on Refrigeration Units

By Forquer
April 25, 2019 Category: Preventative Maintenance, Commercial

As part of preventative maintenance for your commercial heating and air conditioning units, you want to consider having your refrigeration checked as well, especially for restaurant owners. Its a very good idea to maintain your refrigeration because this type of equipment is very costly, to purchase and to repair. Its especially important to pay attention to the condenser coils inside these units. A Dirty Condenser is a Compressor Killer One of the most common issues with refrigeration units is a dirty condenser coil. Especially in restaurants, bars, or any business that has a frequently used fridge or cooler. Its very easy for these coils to get greased up and dirty which leads to a breakdown. Anybody that owns a restaurant that has replaced a refrigeration compressor knows they are not cheap. So, keeping a clean condenser coil is essential. Energy Savings Not only is repairing or replacing your condenser expensive but disregarding the maintenance on it will cost you in your

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