Category: Zoning

Get More Control of the Temperature in Your Home

By Forquer Heating
February 02, 2021 Category: Zoning

If you have a large home or business, chances are you have difficulty trying to keep all rooms at a consistent temperature, whether it's heating or cooling. Check out our blog to learn why and how you can fix it!

My Home Isn't a Consistent Temperature! What Can I Do?

By Forquer Heating
May 06, 2020 Category: Zoning

Many people with larger homes all know the struggle of trying to get all of the rooms or levels in their home to be a comfortable temperature. Sometimes the upstairs is too hot in the summer, but the downstairs is a perfect temperature. Zoning can fix that!

Why Doesn't My Air Conditioner Reach My Second Floor

By Forquer Heating
March 21, 2019 Category: Air Conditioning, Zoning, Dampers, Air Filter

If your air conditioner isnt cooling a certain room or part of your house, you may think you need a bigger unit. This is a common misconception and we want to help you find and solve the real issue. Let Forquer help you!

What is Zoning? How Does Zoning Work?

By Forquer Heating
February 07, 2019 Category: Zoning, Heating, Air Conditioning

Are there rooms in your home that never reach a comfortable temperature? Your home may require a zoning system. If you're in Akron/Canton area, then give the guys at Forquer Heating a call.

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