Chimney vs. No Chimney HVAC

Some new homes with gas-fired equipment are being built with no chimneys. This may or may not come as a surprise to some, but in this blog, we will discuss why that is. 

Why Are Homes Being Built Without Chimneys?

Chimneys are an outdated form of heating technology. Back in the day, chimneys were a great way to help us heat our homes while keeping us safe by removing the combustion products. However, they aren't as efficient as some of the newer technology we now have. 

What Replaces a Chimney?

We've seen a switch to high-efficiency equipment in both hot water tanks and furnaces, which include sidewall vents powered by a combustion blower motor. The benefit of these power vents is that every bit of that combustion is engineered. Your home isn't dependent on external conditions that could affect the quality of the chimney. 

We predict that in the near future, most homes will be built without functional chimneys. However, many people still like the aesthetics of a chimney, or if they have a fireplace, their homes will still have chimneys, but they won't be relied on for your HVAC equipment. 

Learn More About HVAC and Chimneys

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