Controlling Humidity Levels in Your Home

Reducing Humidity in Your Akron Home | Forquer Heating and Air ConditioningWhen you think about your air conditioner, you probably only think about it in terms of temperature control. Sure -- on a hot summer’s day in Akron, who isn’t grateful for their air conditioner and the relief that it can provide?

Many people, however, don’t realize that an a/c has another, very important job: controlling the humidity of your home (and we all know how humid Akron can get). As air is sucked into the vents, moisture is removed from the air, bringing down your house’s overall humidity level. This not only provides you with comfort and helps to keep your utility bills down, but it can also help keep you healthy.

How does your home’s humidity level affect your health?

Relative Humidty Chart by AprilaireWell, there are a lot of unhealthy things that can exist inside your home. Mites, fungi, viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances can enter your home, and many of these substances can thrive if a home is too humid. This is why maintaining an optimal humidity level of between 30% and 60% in your home is a crucial piece of your overall air conditioning.

To add to this problem, basements that are built with cinder blocks often act like a sponge, soaking in moisture from the air and holding onto it. You probably have a portable dehumidifier somewhere down there to help combat this problem, but those are often just as much of a problem as the humidity is in the first place. They break down often, need maintenance, and they can also be pretty unsafe! Last year, over 700 dehumidifiers in the US along actually caught on fire, and many more products are under recall for a variety of issues.

For these reasons, if you haven’t had someone come out to check on your home’s cooling systems in a while, you are long overdue. By calling Forquer Heating and Air Conditioning, we can come out and run a system check on your air conditioner, making sure that it’s ready for the upcoming summer months. What’s more, we can take a look at your dehumidifier to see if it’s one of the many products that have been recalled or pose some other risk to your health. You might be due for a cash refund, but even more, you could get rid of that fire hazard you didn’t even know you had!

Call us today to schedule your a/c tune up -- only $89!!

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