Correctly Sizing Your Furnace (When Replacing It)

When it comes time to replace your furnace, you may think it’s as easy as swapping out old parts for new. But that’s not the case. The reality is, is that your old equipment may not have ever been sized correctly when it was first installed. That means 20+ years of ill-fitting equipment. Prior to thorough load calculations, it was often common practice for HVAC contractors to install the largest furnace they could get their hands on (or close to it) leaving homeowners in the dark on the size of their equipment. Then load calculations came out. A load calculation is a formula that is designed to accurately size your furnace and air conditioner.

Need to learn how to correctly size your furnace for replacement? Keep reading. If you’re looking for professional furnace replacement in greater Akron/Canton, Ohio, check out Forquer Heating and Cooling.

Correctly Sizing Your Furnace | Forquer HeatingCorrectly Sizing A Furnace

So, how do you figure out what size furnace you need? With a load calculation!

Sizing a furnace for replacement is not something that just anyone can do. Only a certified Heating, Venting, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technician can correctly calculate a furnace replacement.

At Forquer Heating & Air, we take several factors into consideration. Here are some of the things we look at when correctly sizing a furnace:

  • The square footage of your home (or the room the furnace is in) and the ceiling height.
  • Materials used to make the room (ceiling, floors, walls, etc.)
  • Insulation and siding materials used for your home.
  • The type of air conditioning and ventilation system used in your home.
  • The color of the roof
  • The direction the house faces

The program takes all of these factors into account and comes back with the exact size equipment we will need for your home.

Why does it matter if my furnace fits?

We design our furnaces especially for the winter conditions in Akron/Canton and surrounding areas. With a furnace replacement or installation by Forquer Heating & Air, your furnace will maintain the ideal temperature at 70° - even when it is 0° outside

Designing Furnaces for Ohio Winters

Many customers do not realize is that we design the furnaces for worst-case scenarios. What that means is if the temperature starts to drop below the negatives, the furnace will keep up, but it might not be able to maintain 70 degrees and your home’s temperature may drop a couple degrees as the outdoor temperature does.

Basically, we are designing the furnace to run efficiently and comfortably for 96% of the year on average. If we were to design the furnace to maintain 70 degrees on let’s say, the coldest day Ohio has ever had (which was about -39 degrees), the furnace would be grossly over-sized for 99% of the year. This would lead to numerous problems, which include frequent furnace breakdowns and maximum discomfort because the thermostat would not be able to control the amount of heat coming from the massive furnace.  On top of all this, the furnace's life would be cut up to 75% because of all of this. So, for all these reasons, we believe the better deal is sizing it for 96% of your life and maybe using an extra blanket or two for that 4% of the time. 

You don’t want to call for furnace repair in Ohio during the middle of the winter. That’s why you need your furnace replacement done by a professional.

Furnace Replacement in Ohio

Contact Forquer Heating & Air for custom furnace design and replacement. We can replace your furnace or repair it for you. Learn more about all of the heating services and solutions we have to offer. Let us make your Ohio winter nice and warm for you.

Check out all of the services we offer to our Ohio customers. We can design, fabricate and install just about any HVAC solution you need. Whether you need work done in your home or your office, we’re here to provide quality customer service throughout the life of your HVAC systems.

Have any questions? Do you need help correctly sizing your furnace? Forquer Heating can correctly size your furnace with our furnace size calculator. Contact us today!

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