Do Fireplaces Cause Heat Loss?

Do Fireplaces Cause Heat Loss? | Forquer Heating & Air Conditioning |

This week on Forquer Heating's hybrid blog with Virteom, we answer the most common and toughest questions in the heating and air conditioning industry. Our customers are becoming more knowledgeable and proactive with their homes and we want them to have the tools and the answers they need.

In this video, we ask the question - Do fireplaces cause heat loss? Watch or read below to find out! 

*below is a transcription of the video.

Why Fireplaces Cause Heat Loss

Do fireplaces cause heat loss? The answer is yes, to a point, they do. Especially if it's a gas-lit fireplace versus a wood burning fireplace, they will definitely cause some heat loss because everything's vented through the chimney. So, what happens in the winter is that the cold air is sucking the warm air from the house out through the chimney into the cold air.

Having a good damper in place would definitely help, but at the end of the day, we definitely have to take a fireplace into account and do our load calculations. It just goes right to our program, we specify it as a gas-burning or wood burning and the program calculates it by itself from there. 

Are New, Modern Fireplaces More Efficient in Preventing Heat Loss in the Home?

New Modern Fireplace Not Attached to A Chimney for Preventing Heat Loss | Forquer Heating and Air Conditioning of North Canton

This fireplace is a bit newer and more modern. A lot of new types of fireplaces are marketed as more energy efficient in addition to sleek designs. This fireplace appears to go right into the wall behind the base. When it's not attached to a chimney, like this case, there is most likely no heat loss in that situation. It's all in your fireplace.

If you have a gas or wood-burning fireplace, you may be losing a lot of heat in the winter, contradictory to what you may think when you light a warm fire. It may be worth investigating a newer model that is electric and is not attached to a chimney so you can retain heat in your home during the winters. 

Stay Warm in Your Akron Canton Home This Winter

We service Akron, Canton, and surrounding areas. The winter in Northeast Ohio can be brutal. Call Jim at Forquer Heating and Air Conditioning if you need your furnace replaced, are looking to tighten up your heating system, or if you're having issues controlling the temperature in your home.

Forquer can calculate the correct size furnace and system for you, based on the energy/heat you're losing through your fireplace. Contact Us today at 330-630-2645.

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