Don't Forget About Preventative Maintenance for Your Rented Equipment!

Forquer stresses the importance of preventative maintenance on your rented equipment

Are you renting a space for your business? Did you know that you could be responsible for your heating and cooling maintenance? Don't wait for your heater to die or your air to bite the dust, get them checked with Forquer! 

Why Get a Preventative Maintenance Check?

Everyone knows the importance of preventative maintenance on their heating and cooling equipment in their homes, but often, business owners who rent out their business space do not even think about checking their equipment. More often than not, the renter is responsible for the heating and cooling equipment in that office, or restaurant, or tanning salon, etc. Some leases read that the renter is responsible for maintenance and even repairs.  

Many people think that just because their heat or air is working, that everything is fine so they do not check their equipment; out of sight out of mind. However, disregarding your appliances isn't going to save you money. In fact, it will cost you more in the long run. It's not if your units will break down, it's when they will break down.

Moreover, almost every single renter is responsible for their utilities. Therefore, if you are cooling your business with an old unit or a dirty filter, you could be paying much more than you should be. If only you had that preventative maintenance, you could have cheaper utility bill!

Forquer will help you keep your utilities bills low with preventative maintenance at your business

What Does a Typical Preventative Maintenance Check Consist Of?

We come out to your location and make an equipment list.  We take a look at the condition of your heating and air units. Then we will devise a plan that would fit your business. For example, if you have a hair salon, you'll need to replace the air filters much more often than other types of businesses. We also consider your budget while we create a maintenance plan for you.

If you own a business but rent out your office space, don't ignore your heating and cooling equipment! You may think you're saving money, but you could just be digging yourself into a hole! Contact us today to get a specific preventative maintenance plan for your business! Forquer does commercial preventative maintenance on heating and cooling units | Akron, OH

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