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At Forquer Heating and Air Conditioning, we are all about giving our customers the best service. In order to do so, we have to have the best people, which is why we have a very specific hiring process.

Application Process

When we are looking to hire a new employee at Forquer, we ask for candidates with experience and or schooling so that we know you have the background to serve our customer's needs. 

Phone Interviews

After we accept all of the applications and go through them, we hold a phone interview with all of the right candidates. Jim Sr. is usually the one to conduct this interview because he is the one with all of the service knowledge. During this call, they talk about their experiences and knowledge base in the HVAC industry. 

In-Person Interview

After our candidates have passed the phone interview, we bring them in for an in-person interview. This interview starts with a short exam that asks basic questions about the industry. This exam is not a pass/fail, but it can help us see what areas the candidates are strong in and which ones they may need improvement.

After the exam, the applicants then chat with Jim Jr., who asks them questions about themselves. Jim uses this interview to see if they will be a good fit for the company culture. 

HVAC Service Shadow

The next step would be for the applicant to shadow a service call with one of our experienced technicians.

Continuous Training

At Forquer, training isn't an onboarding process; it is an annual process. We are always educating ourselves on the best practices and using the best resources in the HVAC industry to help us better serve our customers. 

If you want an HVAC provider who is customer-focused and only hires the best technicians, then contact us at Forquer Heating and Air Conditioning today. 

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