How Can I Heat and Cool My Sunroom or Garage?

Forquer Shares how you can heat and cool your patio, sunrooms, and garages | Cleveland, OH

If I have an addition, garage, or patio on my property is my HVAC equipment going to be enough to heat and cool that additional space or do I need to consider adding additional equipment? The answer is almost always going to be that you will need additional equipment.

If the added space is similar to your house in terms of structure and insulation, then you will most likely not need to add another unit. 

Heating and Cooling Sunrooms

Forquer tells us how to heath and cool our sunrooms and garages safely | North Canton, OH

For example, if the extra space is a three seasons room like the one shown above with a lot of windows, you’re going to need a separate heating and air conditioning unit. This is because this type of room does not have much insulation and will always be much hotter in the summer and colder in the winter. Your original thermostat will not be enough to control the temperature in this room if it can even indicate it.

Therefore, this room would really do well with its own thermostat and its own small air conditioning heating system such as a mini split system.

Heating and Cooling Garages

It is against code to have your garage connected to the heating and cooling system in your house because that creates a pathway for car exhaust (carbon monoxide) to get into your house. 

You also don’t want to control the temperature in your garage, so the best solution to heat and cool a garage again would be its own smaller heating or cooling unit. There are many different types of units you could use in your garage like gas fire or hanging units.

If you have an extra space like a patio, sunroom, or garage that you want to heat in the winter and cool in the summer, it's likely that the equipment on your main home is not going to control the temperature well enough.

The solution is easy! Additional equipment in that extras space is affordable through Forquer Heating and Air Conditioning!  Contact us today if you have a question about how to heat or cool your additional spaces!


Forquer Shares how you can heat and cool your patio, sunrooms, and garages | Cleveland, OH

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