How To Create a Comfortable Humidity Level for Your Home

Humidity Control in Your HomeForquer Heating & Cooling has partnered with Virteom to engage our customers and users about our services and the technology behind the scenes. In this video, Jacqui and Jim Sr. discuss humidity control and how you can create a comfortable atmosphere in your home when dealing with humidity. Watch or read the transcription below!

Humidity is a nightmare for a lot of people, especially in Northeast Ohio where our summers get hot. 

How Does Humidity Affect The Comfort Level of Your Home?

Humidity plays into human comfort but also your health. We found in the wintertime, when it gets colder outside that our houses tend to get too dry. Then in the summertime, we have a problem with too much humidity. When you live in a region where the climate is unpredictable as Akron/Canton, changing the temperature of your thermostat can be a real guessing game.

In the winter time, we sell humidifiers to add humidity. In the summertime, we depend on our air conditioner to humidify, but we've found that sometimes that's not enough. The cooling does humidify, but a lot of times not enough, and that's where we've turned to our friends at Aprilaire. We purchase and install our whole house humidifiers from Aprilaire.

What do Whole Home Humidifiers Do? How Does it Effect Your Health?

Optimum Relative Humidty Range for Human Comfort and Health

In the chart above, you can see is that the healthy zone of humidity is between 30 and 60 percent relative humidity. When we get too dry, we have the potential for bacteria, viruses, respiratory infections, and allergy and asthma issues. Then when we get too moist, we have here again the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi, mites, and allergy flare ups. 

Outside of the 30 to 60% of the relative humidity range, bad things can happen. We can't tell you how many parents say their kids suffer from breathing diseases like allergies and asthma - they seek advice from us on what can they do about it. Controlling the humidity, which is an invisible force, is what we have found is what needs to be controlled, and we have the ability to do that now through these different machines. Find out more about controlling the humidity level in your home here.

Controlling Humidity Levels in Your Home

We've found that if you need to set your air conditioner thermostat below 70 degrees to be comfortable, then there is a possibility you have a humidity problem. When you step out of your shower in the bathroom and you step into a hallway and it feels dramatically cold, there's only about a two degree difference between those two areas -- what the difference is, is the humidity. You could feel how much of a difference in comfort there is, that it makes you want to get out of that hot stuffy bathroom and into the hallway where it actually feels refreshing. The big difference is humidity. By controlling humidity with air conditioning, we can control the humidity to where you're comfortable at a higher temperature, say 70 to 74 degrees.

Save Money By Controlling Humidity

By changing the humidity in your home, you'll save money. Keeping your air conditioner at around 70-74 degrees is much easier to maintain than at 70 degrees. Aprilaire makes some real nice products that we install that can help you maintain those humidity levels.

Health & Controlling Humidity in Your Home

It's not only more economical but really, it's healthier. Keeping a healthy home is important, especially for parents with small children. A healthy home means a healthier life, less disease, and less breathing problem. A lot of people put their faith in those "Sears" dehumidifiers or the portable ones. It's kind of like trying to empty a swimming pool with a drinking glass. It's better than nothing, but with those small dehumidifiers you're not really tackling the problem. You're emptying a gallon out every once in a while, filling that back. With the Aprilaire products, they really attack the problem on the scale that it needs to be dealt with.

If you experience any issues with the humidity in your home and need someone with the best advice for you to heat your home in Northeast Ohio, Forquer Heating & Cooling is who you want to call to come and get your house feeling comfortable again. 

Contact Forquer Heating and Air Conditioning Today to Control the Humidity in Your Home.

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