How to Effectively Cool Large Commercial Spaces

Can a Crowd of People Affect a Room's Temperature?

Yes, they can! A crowded room like an auditorium, church, restaurant, etc. will be much hotter than when that room is empty. This is something that business owners need to take into consideration when heating and cooling their space. 

One person can give off about 600-900 BTUs (British Thermal Units) of heat. The more people, the more movement, the warmer it will be in that room. 

What is Staging in the HVAC World?

Staging is a great way to plan for these types of venues and large rooms. There are single-stage furnaces and air conditioners, and then there are two-stage furnaces and air conditioners. A single-stage furnace or air conditioner will work great in a home or a small office, but they just won't cut it for these big concert halls, bars, and more. 

When heating and cooling a big space like this, you have to think about heating and cooling when the room is full and when it is empty. When no one is using the room, the need for heat or air drops drastically. However, when it is full of dancing people, the need for air increases. In order to cool that huge room full of people enough so that it is comfortable, the second stage of the air conditioner will kick in to help cool the room down more efficiently and effectively. 

This is just one thing to take into consideration when you're sizing the equipment and our team at Forquer Heating and Air Conditioning can help you figure out the right equipment for your space! 

Learn More About Two-Stage Air Conditioning 

If you have any questions about your HVAC equipment, contact us today!

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