How To Save Money On Your Heat Bill

During the winter it's important to heat your home not only for comfort, but to maintain the integrity of your pipes. If you work long hours, have a trip planned or are a snowbird that flies south for the winter it can be difficult to keep your home at an appropriate temperature while being cost conscious. 

You may seek assistance from a family member or a friend, but what happens if they're unable to check-in on your home one day? If the temperatures are low, as they tend to get here in Northeast Ohio, that small time is all you need to be welcomed home to a cracked piped.

So, we ask: how can we monitor the temperature in our home while remaining cost conscious?

Forquer Heating and Air Conditioning in Akron/Canton, OH recommend investing in a setback thermostat with WiFi capabilities. 

What is a Setback thermostat?

For those of you who work long hours, or are gone most of the day - a setback thermostat may be a great solution. A setback thermostat is a programmable thermostat that allows you to turn the temperature back automatically during the night while you're sleeping or during the day while working. When your house is vacant for long periods of time there is no-need to keep you thermostat at 72 degrees. A setback thermostat allows you to kick the temperature down to 65 degrees, and it's a real money saver.

People think, "Well the temperatures got to come back up when I come back home" - yeah... but by keeping the temperature down for an 8-hour period, you can see about a 15% savings in your fuel bill. 

If you're worried about the temperature of your home when you get back from work, you can always set it to come back on an hour earlier than your arrival time. 

Setback thermostats are a great option for those who are conscious of energy and money savings.

What Are WiFi Thermostats?

WiFi ThermostatThis is a setback thermostat with WiFi capabilities (pictured right). These are great for snowbirds - people who like to go to Florida for the season. An app that can be downloaded on your phone allows you to see what temperature your home is at from another location, and even change the temperature in the home. This is very big for safety, because if I'm in Florida and my thermostat is set at 30 degrees, I want to get someone there and turn the heat up! This allows us to prevent disasters where your pipes freeze.

We almost feel like the WiFi thermostat and setback thermostats are really the best options for those snow birds. 

Want to know more about WiFi Setback Thermostats? Click here.

Are WiFi Thermostats expensive? Are they difficult to install?

WiFi Thermostats and setback thermostats are not difficult to install or hookup. They're not very expensive, but they are a bit more than your standard thermostat. The more capability you have, the more expensive it will be. 

We've found that these types of thermostats pay themselves back with the amount you save in energy, and by giving you a peace of mind.

Contact Forquer Heating and Air Conditioning in North Canton, OH today 

If you're interested in saving about 15% on your fuel bill, then give the team at Forquer Heating and Air Conditioning in Canton, OH a call. They will be able to give you advice on which option would be best for you. 

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