Is My Home Properly Insulated?

The importance of a properly insulated home | Forquer | Akron/ Canton, Ohio

Everyone knows the importance of good insulation in your home. New doors and windows with no drafts help keep warm air in during the winter and cool air in during the summer. They also help keep your energy bill down. However, there is such a thing as too much insulation, and it can cause some serious issues in your home.

Most homes have the opposite problem when it comes to insulation. More often than not, you're going to have spaces in between the windows and doors which allow air to move through causing a draft. This is called air infiltration


Drafts in Your Home Raise Your Energy Bill

Air infiltration is the number one enemy of high energy bills because your heat or air conditioning is going right out the window, literally. So, the solution is to tighten up those cracks.


Can My Home be Over Insulated?

Yes! There is a point when your home is "too tight." We see this situation happen mostly with newer homes. The house is so insulated that it creates a humidity problem. There is nowhere for this air to cycle out and your house isn't breathing properly, so it holds moisture. 

Too Much Moisture in Your Home is Bad

Too much moisture in your home can cause you to be uncomfortable, and it can allow for mold to grow inside your house. 

If this does happen in your home, we have products to adjust the ventilation in the house. We bring in outside air and exhaust house air through a heat exchanger into the mechanicals.

How Forquer Can Help Your Home

First, this problem has to be diagnosed, and it's rare because usually most older construction homes have just the opposite problem with too much infiltration. But on those rare occasions where they've done a really good job, and everything's so tight that there is no infiltration happening. This can be rectified by whole house ventilation mechanically.

We have the proper tools to come in and suggest different methods for helping your house breathe better so your home if more comfortable and safe!

If you suspect that your home has too much insulation and you're not getting enough air infiltration from outside, contact us at Forquer today. We can answer any questions and come to your house to see how we can help you!

The importance of a properly insulated home | Forquer | Akron/ Canton, Ohio

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