My AC/ Heat is Running Non-Stop. Is that Normal?

Design Conditions in HVAC

In the HVAC Industry, there are a lot of terms many people out of the industry are not familiar with, one of them is "Design Conditions." This is something that we often explain to customers when they are concerned with their air condition or heat running consistently. 

What are Design Conditions?

Design conditions take weather and location into account when building and sizing HVAC equipment. Design conditions in Ohio vary from design conditions in other states with different climates. 

If you want the most comfort and the most efficiency out of your equipment, we are going to size it for the design conditions here in Ohio.

These design conditions can cause your air to run continuously during the summer when it is very hot to keep your home at a cool and comfortable temperature. The same is true for your furnace in the winter. 

Learn More About Your HVAC System

If you ever have a question about your heating and or air conditioning, contact us! Likewise, we have a ton of helpful educational videos like this in our video library that address common concerns and questions. 

You can also call us today to schedule your HVAC maintenance, repairs, or replacements!

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