Ozone Friendly AC Refrigerants

Has Changing Over to Ozone Friendly Refrigerants Affected the Price of AC Sales and Repairs?

This is another question that is commonly asked when it comes to air conditioning. In the 1990s, there was a huge transition in the HVAC world that affected the type of refrigerants that could be used in an AC unit. These three refrigerants were R12, R22, and R502, and they were relatively cheap. 

Then it was discovered that these refrigerants were very harmful to the environment as they destroyed the ozone layer. 

New Refrigerants and Old ACs 

As a result, the new refrigerant, 410A, does not work with the old units, and the new machines don't work with the old refrigerants. Before this switch, if someone had an issue with their air conditioner, we could just come by and refill the refrigerant, but now those old refrigerant are so hard to come by and so expensive if you do find one, so most people are just upgrading to the newer AC units.  

Learn More About AC Repairs and Replacements 

If you are still using an older AC unit and want to upgrade to the new refrigerant units or if you just need help with a repair, our team is here for you!

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Ozone Friendly AC Refrigerants

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Does your air conditioner still run on the old and harmful refrigerants? If so, it can be hard and very expensive to repair. Now is a great time to switch to a newer AC unit!

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