The Basics on Dampers and Air Balancing in Your Home

The Basics on Dampers & Air Balancing in Your Home | Forquer Heating & Air Conditioning

Your home is your sanctuary. So, it is important that you find it comfortable at all times. Making sure the temperature of your home is always optimal is not always an easy task. However, you can make it easier by making smart choices with your dampers.

What is a damper?

First, it is helpful to know what a damper is and what it does. A damper is a plate that regulates the flow of air through the ductwork of a house. It is an essential tool for balancing air flow and
controlling the overall air temperature within the home.

In the winter

In most parts of the country, you need to heat your home in the winter. To do so efficiently, you want to push more warm air into the lower portion of your home since heat rises. If you have dampers in your home, you can adjust them to send more heat to the first floor of the home. If you do not have dampers in your heating system, then you simply need to close some the air registers in the upper floor of the home. 

In the summer

In the summer, when the outside air is warm, you need to do the opposite. Adjust your dampers so that the airflow goes to the upper portion of your home. If your home is not equipped with dampers, close some of the air registers on the first floor.

Other actions

When you are planning how to redirect your air flow, it is important to keep your thermostat in mind. To get optimal results, make sure to close the register that blows air at the thermostat. That way it takes longer for it to reach the desired temperature so the furnace stays on longer and continues to heat the house for a longer period of time. Another option would be to install a zoning system in your home.

When you understand the basics of how your heating and cooling systems work, it truly helps you keep your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. If you would like to learn more about dampers, air registers, and your entire HVAC system, please contact Forquer Heating and Air Conditioning today. We can help set you on the right path to a perfectly temperate home all year long. 

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