The Difference Between HVAC and the Construction Industry

HVAC is part of the construction industry. However, it’s important to understand how HVAC differs from other construction or home repair businesses. 

HVAC vs. Construction

A large difference is we provide a service that is often urgent for your overall wellness and comfort. Usually, once a home or addition is built, if you have a problem with a molding or other visual aspect of the home, it’s something you want handled, but it doesn’t have to happen right away. 

In the HVAC industry, we have a much higher sense of urgency in the work we’re providing for our customers. For example, if your air conditioning or heater is not working, it’s usually going to happen at a bad time; in the middle of the winter when it’s below 0 degrees, or in the heat of summer, and both are instances where you need a repair immediately.  

HVAC companies face a lot more pressure and urgency than a construction company. We can’t tell someone who has an A/C not working in the middle of summer or a heater out in the dead of winter, that we’ll get out to them next week, that’s just not a possibility. So, urgency is really one of the biggest differences. 

Forquer Heating & Air Conditioning Emergency Services

When you call Forquer, a person will always answer the phone. We know that you need to know if help is coming soon and that you don’t want to talk to a machine. If you call after hours, you will speak to an answering service and they will contact a technician that will then call you to find out what’s happening and assess the urgency of your situation. 

If your situation is deemed urgent, you have the option for that technician to come out and take a look at your A/C or your furnace right away, or you can opt for someone to come out the next day. 

The Forquer Difference

At Forquer, we keep well-stocked trucks in an effort to have the parts you need, when you need them! We service all makes and models and have trained technicians that are ready to serve you. We also sell Armstrong equipment from a local supplier in the Akron-Canton area. This gives us the ability to get the parts we need when we need them.

We’ve done our research to make sure we can get you taken care of and have things back in working order as soon as possible. We always ensure that you speak to a person so you have the comfort of knowing that help is on the way and that you’re going to be taken care of. 

Forquer is Here for You

If you’re in need of emergency services or are ready to schedule an appointment for any of our standard services, get in contact with us today!

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