Virus Killing HVAC Systems

How Can Forquer Help Reduce Virus in My Home or Business?

With everything going on in the world right now, everyone is looking for a way to keep themselves and others protected. One way that we can help is by installing virus killing UV light systems into any home or business. 

How Does the UV Light System Work?

UV light kills viruses and has been used in the medical industry for years, though you might see them in some restaurants here and there. These UV light systems are mostly used for commercial buildings, but they are able to help keep your home safe from viruses as well. 

These systems can be a little costly to install, and they work best with a high-efficiency filtration system. 

UV Light Maintenance

As with any HVAC equipment or system, the UV light system does require some maintenance. Those light bulbs don't last forever, although they do last for about 12-24 months. 

Learn More About Virus Killing UV Light Systems

If you are interested in having a UV light system installed in your home or business, contact us at Forquer Heating and Air Conditioning today to learn more!

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