What is the Best Heat Source for Homes in the Country?

Forquer supplies heating units to the country | Akron/ Canton/ Cleveland, OH

A common problem for folks who live out in the country is deciding on which method to heat their homes. Depending on the situation, some types of heating units work much better and while others are less reliable. Price is another factor to consider whether it's the price of installing to equipment or the monthly bill.

Electric Heating for Your Home

Every homeowner should have the ability to use all electric heating sources. The most common is a forced air electric furnace. This type of heating is a more expensive option.

Then there is the electric heat pump, which is a bit cheaper than the furnace but overall the fuel used to heat electrical appliances is expensive. This means that your monthly heat bill will likely be very high, especially in those cold Ohio winters.

Natural Gas as an Alternative Heating Source

The cheaper alternative to electric heat is to heat with natural gas options. The issue with natural gas is that though it is a cheaper choice, it is not always available to every area. 

Sometimes, different locations have trouble finding someone to supply natural gas. While other times, the weather can affect your accessibility to these natural gases.

Accessibility of Natural Gases

If you live in the country and the roads to your home from the gas supplier are snowed in, you may not be able to receive your gas, which can become a really big problem! 

Believe it or not, we've run into situations where you're out in the country, and the driveway is treacherous. The property owner probably has four-wheel drive, so the road isn't an issue for them. But the oil truck or the propane truck is usually not four-wheel drive. And if they can't get to the property due to weather, you're going to have a problem getting your fuel delivered.

The Cost of Fuels:

  • A gallon of oil usually runs pretty close to the same price per gallon as diesel fuel cost. 
  • Propane prices are always fluctuating, so you'll have inconsistent prices with that.
  • As for electric, you're paying for kilowatts. 

So, you want to look at the cost of your different fuel options as that might be a consideration in what you'd be using.

Geothermal Heat Pump for Heating

A geothermal heat pump is where a pump underground is extracting heat and reject the heat back into the ground, instead of drawing heat from the air. One of the reasons that geothermal is more efficient is because the ground is actually a more reliable source of heat and you'll always have access to this heat source.

Although geothermal is more expensive to install, it has a much lower monthly cost.

If you live out in the country, there are many things to consider when deciding which heating source is the best for you. You have to make sure you're choosing a method that fits your budget, that the fuel is accessible and deliverable to your home, and whether you want to spend more money upfront or more on your monthly energy cost. 

If you have any questions as to which heating source would be best for your property and your budget, contact us at Forquer Heating and Air Conditioning! We would be happy to consult with you about your options!

Forquer supplies heating units to the country | Akron/ Canton/ Cleveland, OH

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