Why Doesn't My Air Conditioner Reach My Second Floor

Many people find that they have a hard time cooling a partiForquer Heating and Air Conditioning tells you why your AC isn't going all the way upstairscular part of their house. This is almost always the case with two-story homes when the second story won't keep cool. Often, people think that the solution is to increase the capacity of their current air conditioning unit. 

However, the issue is not the capacity to cool, but that there is insufficient air flow to your second story. Additionally, running a larger unit or even a second unit can have an adverse side effect for your house and your wallet. 

What are My Alternative Cooling Options?

If your air conditioning unit is the right size for your home, but you still need to cool down either just one room or the whole second floor, you've got options!

Air Filters

Sometimes, the fix is quick and straightforward such as increasing your air flow. There are multiple ways to help the cold air flow upstairs. One example is using a different air filter. Replacing your filter with one that is less dense will give your unit less air restriction. 


If you have a bigger house, it may be beneficial for you to add a second zone for your thermostat. This way, your air will keep running even after your downstairs thermostat is satisfied. We have another blog online for you to check out if you want to learn more about zoning!

How an Oversized Air Conditioner Can Harm Your Home

It is essential to make sure that your AC unit is the right size for your house. Various problems can arise if you are overcooling. The most obvious issue is that your electric bill will skyrocket. Although no one likes a high energy bill, this is not the most harmful outcome of overcooling.
Using an AC unit that is too big will also affect your air duct system. When the air coming out is too cold, the coils begin to ice over, which actually restricts more airflow causing you even less cooling than before. 

Moreover, a larger AC unit can cause you to live in a "cave" like house. This means that the relative humidity in your house is way higher than it should be. This is a result of the unit pushing out a bunch of cold air at once. This does satisfy the thermostat quicker, but it isn't good for your air to run on such a short burst. The short run time does not allow the unit to dehumidify your home, causing that "cave" like moisture in the air. 

Our people at Forquer Heating and Air Conditioning are here to help you solve your air conditioning problems and make you more knowledgeable about how your cooling your home. So, don't get a larger air conditioner if you don't have too! I will only waste your money and your time and could negatively impact your home. If you need help identifying the reasons why your house isn't cooling as you want, then contact us today!

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